Sample Payment Variance Summary – Underpaid & Denied Claims. Click image to enlarge.
If you are a provider or a practice manager, you have probably asked yourself these thorny questions?
  • How much are underpayments and denials costing my practice every month?
  • How do we know if the amount we receive from payers reflects what is in our contracts?
  • Why is the patient portion of our accounts receivable continuing to grow month over month?
  • Can we provide demonstrable evidence that we have a coding compliance program and that we understand who is under coding, over coding and miscoding?
  • How can I get new providers productive sooner rather than later and have daily visibility into all providers credentials, appointments and expirables?

All of these questions are related!  There are five critical interrelated business functions that impact every practice’s revenue integrity, and they are connected by more than 250 business processes.

The Five C’s of Revenue Integrity
  • Contract Management
  • Claims Denial Management
  • Coding & Compliance
  • Credentialing
  • Cash – Patient Payment Obligations
Finding the right Revenue Integrity solution

Adding headcount to your practice is not the solution to your revenue integrity issues. 

Synergy Revenue Integrity utilizes advanced data analytics that monitor all your claims and remittances daily.

Your personalized Synergy analytics will show you what is causing revenue leakage and the steps that are being taken to recover denied and underpaid claims. 

You may be losing 15-20% of your allowable reimbursement every month!

We provide a limited number of no-charge diagnostics each month utilizing your practice’s claims data.

If you are interested in learning if Synergy Revenue Integrity can help your practice, please contact us.