ROSEMARY HEBEL • MANAGERDirector of Credentialing

Mrs. Hebel has been a member of the RT Welter team since 2015 and is an invaluable leader within our organization. She leads a large credentialing team focused on provider enrollment and CVO services, which conducts credentialing on behalf of 100,000+ providers and various healthcare organizations.

Mrs. Hebel has over 30 years of experience in medical practice operations, human resources, accounting, credentialing and revenue cycle management for large group practices, including orthopedics and other specialty care practices. Her well–rounded knowledge of how to develop and maintain effective operational processes and efficiencies has been instrumental to the growth and development of RT Welter’s credentialing department.

Mrs. Hebel’s expertise in credentialing, revenue cycle management, and problem resolution allows her to successfully mitigate billing issues related claims payment, contract/rate discrepancies, out of network provider issues, Medicare and other payer issues. The skills she has developed and situations she has encountered throughout her career parallel those required in her current role as the Director of Credentialing.

Her solid relationships with the payers, hospitals, and other credentialing organizations, her ability to work under pressure, and her ability to research complex credentialing and payment issues, enables her to provide “out of the box” thinking and positive solutions for practices. Ms. Hebel’s well–rounded skill set is an invaluable asset for providers and healthcare organizations alike.