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RT Welter & Associates, Inc. is one of a select number of organizations in the country which provides Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) reviews and is designated as an Independent Review Organization (IRO) on behalf of the Office of Inspector General (OIG).

RT Welter Consultants are subject matter experts with RAF coding. We have worked with payers, hospitals and physician-owned practices which are dependent on risk adjustment payment models and Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCCs).

Our specific areas of expertise include
  • Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) program implementation
  • External oversight of existing internal RAF compliance
  • Risk Adjustment Data Validation Audits (RADV)
  • Physician and Coder Education/Support on accurate diagnosis code capture
  • Physician Education on Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)
Our team of certified (CRC) risk adjustment coders is ready to help you!

RT Welter’s RAF educational services incorporate providers own clinical documentation and one on one assistance to help them meet medical record documentation requirements and complete reporting of diagnosis coding to the highest level of specificity.

The RT Welter RAF approach
  • Create a sustainable RAF structure within each organization by way of ongoing training, monitoring, and performance improvement measures
    — Actionable practice documentation reports
    — Network scorecard featuring key performance metrics
    (e.g. RAF compliance, financial benchmark performance)
  • Guide organizations/providers in capturing correct ICD-10 codes in both clinical documentation and claims data to communicate risk
  • Provide subject matter expertise and feedback on coding/clinical documentation improvement to ensure compliance with risk adjustment factor scoring
  • Prospective and Retrospective CDI and RADV audits by provider/specialty
  • Practical applications using the payers’ guidance and regulations, rather than conceptual or theoretical approaches

RT Welter helps providers document completely and correctly making RAF scores most accurate. Accuracy is everything!