Put Your Practice on the Right Path for Increased Cash Flow

Running and maintaining a successful practice requires strategic thinking and planning, efficient systems and processes, and a strong, stable team. Our practice assessment and support services will keep you educated on the business side of medicine, help your practice reach new goals, and help you put your practice on the right path for increased cash flow, profitability and efficiency.

Billing Office Assessment

On the business side, it’s all about the cash flow! We provide a complete review of your billing office operations, account postings, payments, cash-flow and appeals processes in an effort to help your practice bill faster, more accurately and with more effective and predictable results. Learn how we can help when reviewing your billing office:

  • Provide a complete billing operations overview
  • Identify errors in payer reimbursements
  • Identify and repair CPT and ICD-10 coding errors
  • Create an appeals process that works
  • Provide tips, tools, suggestions and training on increasing patient and insurance collections
Operations Assessment

Physicians and practices are increasingly faced with operational challenges – declining reimbursement, increased expenses and overhead, decreased staff productivity and efficiency, out of date business systems and inefficient practice processes are just some of those challenges. Our operations assessment will identify your practice’s strengths and weaknesses, identify missed opportunities and lost revenue and uncover opportunities to improve overall practice performance.

We will Uncover Opportunities to Improve Overall Practice Performance

At the conclusion of our assessment, you will have a better understanding of the importance of efficient and streamlined processes, as well as maximizing staff production and efficiency – all of which are crucial to increased practice profitability. We can also assist you in developing a plan to make necessary changes to put your practice on the right path for increased production, profitability and operations efficiency.