A physician’s financial success depends on a solid financial foundationOne of the most important documents a physician will sign in his/her career is an employment contract. A physician’s financial success depends on a solid financial foundation and one of the first building blocks is their employment or partnership agreement. Signing a poor employment or partnership contract can have long lasting implications and haunt physicians for years.

R.T. Welter’s contract review services will help physicians avoid major contracting pitfalls and mistakes. We understand the needs of new and established physicians in any specialty, a variety of physician compensation models and methods, the dynamics of becoming employed within a hospital or established group, and the intricacies of partnership arrangements. Our goal is to help physicians understand the contract, what it is worth and what the limitations are. More importantly, we want the physician to understand HIS/HER worth and leverage!

Before signing an agreement, and along with an attorney, we help physicians understand and negotiate the terms of the contract including:

  • Compensation (an analysis of multiple compensation models that may work for you!)
  • Non-compete clauses and restrictive covenants
  • Termination (and recourse for early termination)
  • Indemnification
  • Liquidated damages
  • Malpractice insurance requirements
  • And more!