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Spring Fever

While there’s no code for Spring Fever, many people can’t wait for: Y93.52 – Activity, horseback riding Y93.83 – Activity, roughhousing and horseplay Y93.66 – Activity, soccer Y93.53 – Activity, golf Y93.01 – Activity, walking, marching and hiking In preparation for the upcoming deadline for ICD-10 implementation, RT Welter presents weekly ICD-10 Codes of the…


Bad Luck On St. Patrick’s Day

T65.6X1A – Poisoning from green dye in beer, initial encounter
R53.83 – Fatigue due to exhaustively searching for 4-leaf clover
Y00.xxxA – Assault by blunt object (pot o’gold) thrown by leprechaun at the end of the rainbow, initial encounter
W22.02xA – Injury incurred by walking into lamppost during St. Patty’s Day Parade, initial encounter.


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Snow–Day ICD-10 Codes

X36.1 – Avalanche
V86.42xA – Person injured while boarding snowmobile, initial encounter
W00.9xxA – Unspecified fall due to ice and snow, initial encounter
X31.xxxA – Exposure to excessive natural cold, initial encounter
V98.3xxA – Accident on ski lift, initial encounter