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New ICD-10-CM Guidelines: Emphasis on Specificity

Dozens of ICD-10-CM guidelines updates will go into effect on October 1st. Throughout the guidelines, there are many changes that will impact coding from a new call for specificity to revised instructions for coding social determinants of health. Pulled from Part B News by Decision Health here are the highlights from the new guidelines. Decision…


Setting Professional Development Goals

Setting goals for professional development is an important part of advancing your career. Whether your goals are to be more productive at work or become the CEO of a corporation, the only way to get there is by setting actionable goals you can work on every day. Professional goals are goals you set that are…


What to do When a Consulting Doctor Skips the Interprofessional Consults Verbal Report

When a consulting doctor skips the interprofessional consult verbal report, it may cause some confusion when trying to submit an accurate code. There is only one code available for an interprofessional consult done without the verbal report. Continue reading below to learn what code should be used in this scenario! Question: Our doctor frequently forgets…


Surgeons Balk at CMS’ Payment Rule Update

Surgeons balk at CMS’ payment rule after CMS announced payment updates for 2022. The American College of Surgeons opposes this latest update and feels it is not a sustainable long-term solution. Continue reading below for their statement. Shortly after CMS unveiled its proposed Physician Fee Schedule for 2022, the American College of Surgeons released a…


Surprise Billing

Public concern over surprise billing practices has made new regulations inevitable. The Kaiser Foundation published a study on February 11, 2020 that showed 1 out of 5 adults received a Surprise Medical Bill in the past 2 years. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners did a poll in July of 2020, and they found that…