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FREE ICD-10 Webinar – 2 CEU’s from AAPC!

Webinar Title: ICD-10: A Coder’s Perspective Webinar Cost: FREE Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity! Webinar Date: Thursday April 25th from 11am – 1pm Mountain time (1 pm Eastern) Webinar Description: An informative webinar to give a coder’s viewpoint of the ICD-10 transition and to alleviate fears of what the new code set will…


Snow–Day ICD-10 Codes

X36.1 – Avalanche
V86.42xA – Person injured while boarding snowmobile, initial encounter
W00.9xxA – Unspecified fall due to ice and snow, initial encounter
X31.xxxA – Exposure to excessive natural cold, initial encounter
V98.3xxA – Accident on ski lift, initial encounter


Picking Apart the PPACA (Obamacare)

Patient Affordable Care Act Changes That Occurred in 2010 Indoor tanning services were assessed a 10% excise tax. A re-insurance program offset the costs of health benefits for workers age 55-64 who were forced into early retirement. Medicare beneficiaries who fell into the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug “donut hole” received a $250 rebate. They…