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Colorado Approves Data Law Requiring Breach Notification Within 30 days

The month-long window is the shortest turnaround from a state and doesn’t exempt the healthcare sector, effectively giving Colorado providers just half the time required by HIPAA to report. Check out the article for more information!  Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed into law expansive consumer data legislation that mandates all organizations report breaches within 30 days, making it…


Help Curb Clinician Burnout with This 4-Point Strategy

Although physicians are admired for mastering medical knowledge, keeping up with the flood of medical information can lead to anxiety and self-doubt. Check out some steps to help curb clinician burnout!  3. Measuring the clinician experience Addressing burnout requires collecting data on multiple measures, the report says. “Leaders focused on reducing burnout and improving resilience…


CMS Introduces Know Your Legal Rights Database

The Know Your Legal Rights database was launched by The Colorado Medical Society and others to help give you the knowledge about how to protect your patients from illegal practices. Keep reading, below, for more information on the Know Your Legal Rights database!  The Colorado Medical Society and component medical societies are pleased to launch…


CMS Unveils New Strategy to Provide Affordable and Quality Healthcare

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is targeting more than 60 million Americans with their new plan to provide rural communities quality and affordable healthcare options.  CMS unveiled the Rural Health Strategy on Tuesday with the goal of helping millions of Americans across the United States obtain quality healthcare. “Through its implementation and our continued stakeholder…