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Value Based Contracting

We have been saying it for years. Value Based Contracting is coming and in many markets it is here…and it is here to stay!  It is not a bad thing as long as it is transparent! Follow the money, if you cannot you should not sign the agreement! As in all economic transactions, both sides…


ICD-10 PUSH Training for Physicians and Hospitals from RT Welter & Associates

The PUSH program: ICD-10 Performance Measures: Ensure Success! The ICD-10 PUSH program was designed to evaluate provider performance with the ICD-10-CM code set. This program will assist in identifying utilization and accuracy as well as areas for improvement related to ICD-10. Post ICD-10 Implementation Evaluation: ICD-10-CM documentation evaluation of 20 encounters selected by the provider…


Club Fed!

R41.0 — Delirium.
S06.0X2D – Concussion with loss of consciousness of 31 minutes to 59 minutes, subsequent encounter.
W16.032D – Fall into swimming pool striking wall causing other injury, subsequent encounter.
Y92.146 – Swimming pool of prison as the place of occurrence of the external cause.


Celebrate Independent Physicians

They say Private Practice is dying! They say the independent physician is a dinosaur! I say private practice is changing, becoming more efficient, more flexible and much more capable! I think the dinosaur in the room (apologies to the elephant) is the ‘everything for everyone 24/7 huge hospital’ which is constantly scrambling to fill beds!…


2016 CPT Changes and Updates!

By Toni Woods, CCS, CPC, AHIMA-Approved ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainer The new CPT changes take effect January 1st. Understanding the new codes is crucial to obtaining the proper reimbursement for your services while also staying compliant with current coding and billing requirements. The changes for 2016 address a number of interrelated issues. Clinical practice has evolved and…


Third Party Payer Update – COLORADO

The Triple Aim: Improving the patient experience Improving the health of populations Reducing per-capita cost The Triple Aim is on all the payer’s minds these days. These three tenants are now being woven into many of the decisions being made about cost, quality, reimbursements, network size, etc.   Using these three items in your contracting strategy…