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Operation Report and Spinal Adhesion Barriers

This month’s operation report features Spinal Adhesion Barriers. The practice of using spinal adhesions within laminectomies is nothing new and this is considered a standard of practice that is essential for good patient recovery. When performing these operations, there are additional questions to be asked about the coding and billing involved. Continue reading below to…


5 Emerging Trends in Value-Based Care

There are 5 emerging trends in value-based care for 2021. The practice of value-based care has picked up momentum because of the pandemic and pressure has been put on healthcare providers to stay up-to-date with trends. Continue reading below to learn more about the 5 emerging trends in value-based care this year. The pace and…


MGMA CFO Analyzes the Financial Impact of COVID-19

MGMA CFO analyzes the financial impact of COVID-19 on physician practices and outlines some long-term strategies that healthcare organizations should implement as a precaution in case another pandemic occurs. These strategies may help avoid the negative financial impact we saw with COVID-19. Continue reading below to learn more! The path forward to a more financially…