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U codes ~ ICD-10

Vaping and E-cigarette use by young adults has grown over the past few years. While many are ignoring the effects of using these products, the CDC and CMS have released addendums regarding these products after the World Health Organization confirmed the side effects of vapes and e-cigarettes. Read below for more on these important updates…


X Modifier Scenarios

Last week, we briefly described the X modifier series and when to substitute these new modifiers. Below are a few scenarios from the NCCI policy manual you can refer to when using these modifiers.* The CCI bundle involving column 1 code 45385 (Flexible colonoscopy with removal of tumor[s], polyp[s], or lesion[s] by snare technique) and…


RT Welter achieves URAC CVO Accreditation!

RT Welter and Associates is proud to have earned URAC accreditation for Credentials Verification Organization (CVO)! The designation demonstrates RT Welter is dedicated to quality and safety, and that we strive for continual improvement of the services we offer! Our URAC-accredited CVO meets the strict quality credentialing standards URAC’s other accreditation programs, ensuring healthcare organizations…