In today’s electronic driven society it’s necessary to utilize all the resources available to maximize success. We help new practice start-ups, physicians and hospitals with custom website design, Internet marketing and custom design services. There are millions of  people searching the Internet everyday and a majority of them are looking for medical services. We have a team of experts that understands how the most recent technology works and how to ensure your customers have meaningful experience.

We understand what it takes to support the infrastructure of your medical organization. Giving a new fresh look to a brand or website is important and necessary in today’s environment. Our experience is knowing how to maximize social media, marketing, and CRM technologies to get the most out of your website.

We understand what it takes to support the infrastructure of your medical organization.

The process for developing a new website or rebranding a company is quite simple and comes down to two basic elements. Our purpose is to understand “The Look” you have in mind for a new website or campaign and to be able to bring that to reality. The other element is to determine the goals or desired outcome expected from the new website and creative. If we can extract that information our team can do the rest.

These are the services we provide and the criteria we look at while developing a new website.

Creative Design
  • Color scheme and the use of images
  • Feedback from first impression
  • How do you want your customer to navigate around
  • Who is your demographic and how do they use the site
  • How much information is too much
  • How will the content stay fresh and relevant
Technical Details Never Overlooked
  • How to integrate the use of video
  • Are we gathering email names and data
  • Is there ecommerce, items for sale
  • Are there “Call To Action” items and do they change
  • Is this a franchise or multiple location website
  • What social media functions are integrated into website
  • What are competitors keywords
  • What is good and bad things about competitor sites
  • What link building opportunities are there
  • Are there APPS to tie into website
  • Are there any trends to include in new site
Website Functionality
  • Are banner ads being used effectively
  • Are there pay per click campaigns
  • Are there password protected pages
  • Are the email campaigns generated from gathered data
  • How many contact forms & data gathering forms
  • Are there affiliate programs or forums
Develop Modules and Tools
  • Website frame size with quick load times
  • Use of flash player
  • Ipad, IOS, Smartphone formatted
  • CMS (content management system) for employees
  • Google analytics , AdSense, Keyword Research
  • Are company email addresses in place
  • Are Search Engine Tools in place
  • Is content indexing at major search engines
  • Does all content have page titles, meta tags, keywords
  • Are all API keys working
  • Is all mapping from old website in place