Credentialing Specialist

Mrs. Kelly provides credentialing and enrollment services for Medicare and Medicaid for hundreds of providers and facilities across the country. She has extensive knowledge of the enrollment requirements for government payers throughout the United States and is instrumental in assisting many healthcare organizations with research and clean-up of their enrollments to ensure compliance and no disruptions in reimbursement. Mrs. Kelly prides herself on and has been recognized numerous times for her customer service.

Mrs. Kelly has worked in the medical field for over 15 years in various positions in front office operations and revenue cycle management including, billing analyst, accounts receivable, collections and appeals specialist, claims, payments, and coding. Mrs. Kelly’s vast experience and knowledge of medical billing and front office operations is a valuable and important asset to the credentialing team and our clients. Prior to working in healthcare, she worked in the accounting field as an investor accountant for banking, investments, stocks, bonds, and securities management.