Billing Manager

RT Welter & Associates Inc.
Advanced Medical Revenue Specialists, LLC (AMRS)

Ms. Ely has been in the medical billing field for over 12 years and has vast experience with full cycle medical billing. In 2007 she graduated with honors and received her certificate in medical billing and coding from Everest College. She was also an integral part of the student ambassadors program in which she participated in student mentoring and tutoring.

Ms. Ely has worked for AMRS since 2015, and was promoted to billing manager in 2017. As billing manager she oversees the full cycle billing operations for all AMRS clients. Her primary focus is quality assurance and quality control to help ensure providers and practices are paid timely and accurately. In addition, Ms. Ely is also responsible for delivering month end reporting and holding monthly billing meetings with AMRS clients, updating clients and staff with billing changes and trends, providing ongoing training for AMRS staff, assist in troubleshooting problems that arise, and managing the overall day to day billing operations at AMRS.

She has extensive medical billing experience in many specialties including, but not limited to, family practice, dermatology, gynecologic oncology, ENT, general surgery, urology, neurosurgery, neurology, OBGYN, PT, and podiatry, pulmonary and hospitalists.