Participation In Care By Out Of Network Providers, Vendors, Facilities“When I was contemplating starting my own practice, I was paralyzed.  I’d been in practice for only a few years, as part of a group practice, and was a novice in the business of medicine and didn’t know where to start.  How lucky I was to have found R.T. Welter and Associates!  From the conceptual phase to the day we began seeing patients, they helped me in innumerable ways.  Since our first meeting, I’ve always been impressed by the professionalism, expertise, efficiency, warmth, and calming influence of R.T. Welter and Associates and I highly recommend others get help from them that has been so invaluable to me. The success of my new practice I owe in large part to them and I literally would not have been able to get to where I am now without their services.

– T. Rampy, MD, PhD, Neurologist