RT Welter & Associates has done an amazing job assisting Surgical Specialists of Colorado and Colorado Trauma Service in multiple avenues as we continue to grow. Credentialing for a group of 30 surgeons, in 6 different hospital systems and 7 locations is a task that would normally have multiple pitfalls, but with the vast knowledge that RTW has, they have streamlined all processes and routinely handles everything without myself or our staff having to worry about anything.  Adding a new surgeon and dealing with credentialing is no longer a nightmare, I simply set up a conference call with the new surgeon in whatever state they are in and introduce the RTW team and then I get to step back to move on to my next project while they take over and handle everything.  Their knowledge of Medicare and the large number of payers and their credentialing processes is amazing.  They are experts and I’m thankful that they are always there to help me!

Terri Rossi
Surgical Specialists of Colorado, P.C.
Colorado Trauma Service, P.C.