Managed Care Contracting Services

No is a request for information In all things inter-personal, No means No.  In managed care contracting, No is a request for information. In other words, if you have a reasonable request which makes sense, don’t take no for an answer. It may take time, it may take a different approach but stay on it,…



Most long term relationships are built on mutual trust and respect. Valuable relationships are not built on mistrust, fear or intimidation. Same holds true for the relationship your practice has with payers and especially payer representatives.


Hiring People

One of the best life lessons I ever learned is always hire higher! Hire people better than yourself! Some managers are intimidated to do this, thinking they may be replaced, they may lose control, etc. If that could happen it will anyway! Always recruit and hire people better and when possible more knowledgeable than yourself!


Staffing, Personnel Recruitment

The staff is everything! We cannot do it without them. Our (and your) most valuable asset is the staff, their abilities, their training, their insights, their work ethic. If this is true, why do so many do it so poorly? When we buy a copier, lease space, buy a car, etc. we do research, we ask around, we make comparisons.



Another set of scary acronyms! As with all of these roll outs, take it one step at a time! It is really not scary IF you have been keeping up on coding and documentation and have a reasonably up to date EMR.



We are done right? We made it, we are ok…keep rolling on… NOT so fast!
ICD-10 is key to a lot of the new regulations that are rolling out MIPS and MACRA being great examples.