Industry Hot Buttons — MACRA / MIPS Update

Industry Hot Buttons — Telehealth Services

Telehealth Services: As of 2017, many payers are now legally required to reimburse providers of various specialties for telehealth services. Billing and Coding reimbursement rules for telemedicine can be extremely cumbersome. Follow these compliance tips and the financial impact for your practice can be significant: Clinical documentation must support the following: the provider is rendering…

Soft Skills — Professional Development Tidbit

Soft Skills — Professional Development Tidbit

RT Welter & Associates is excited to present our helpful career advancing tips and strategies to sharpen the skills prospective employers look for in a coder! What are they exactly? And why are they so crucial to landing your dream job? Soft skills are used synonymously with interpersonal skills and are always in high demand. These are typically skills that are more social than technical like standard job-related requirements. Soft skills include a broad range of areas – here are just a few examples: communication, executive presence, gravitas, relationship-building, decisiveness, self-motivation, leadership, team work, creativity, and resiliency. Employers desire candidates with strong soft skills as these skills are invaluable to the success of any business and are imperative to fostering a dynamic workplace.

Orthopedic Spine Surgery Case RTW Coding Conundrums

Orthopedic Spine Surgery Case — Surgical Coding Series: RTW Coding Conundrums

As part of the new coding format for our newsletter, RT Welter is excited to offer you a new surgery coding series in which we want to help you! The 2nd week of every month we will highlight a complicated surgical case. This week we are highlighting a general surgery case. We want to hear from you! If you have a complicated surgery case and need help with coding, please upload the operative note by clicking on the link below. Remember to remove ALL patient protected health information and organization identifiers. RT Welter will not use any medical records submitted in which PHI is not removed and protected.