2022 ICD10CM Updates are Just Around the Corner2022 ICD10CM updates have been announced to be released in October 2021. New codes for COVID-19, Chapter 13, 18, and 19 have been announced and will be a part of the new updates coming later this year. Stay up to date with the new 2022 ICD10CM coding updates with RT Welter as more coding updates are released. Continue reading below for more information on the 2022 ICD10CM updates. 

Are you ready for the next diagnosis coding update?! On April 27, the Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) released 205 proposed ICD-10-CM changes to set take effect on October 1, 2021. The proposed updates include 153 new diagnosis codes, 22 revised codes, and 30 invalidated codes.

Top Highlights in this update include:

  • New COVID-19 Codes that were recently added: including J12.82, M35.81, M35.89, Z11.52, Z20.822, and Z86.16.
  • Chapter 13 accounts for 35 ICD-10-CM code changes, including an update to the diagnosis code for low back pain (M54.5). It has been expanded to distinguish vertebrogenic low back pain (M54.51) from other types of low back pain. 
  • Several changes were made in Chapter 18; six new specific codes for coughs (R05) were added, including acute, subacute, chronic, cough syncope, other specified and unspecified.
  • Most changes occurred in Chapter 19, including new codes for traumatic brain compression (S06.A-) and poisoning by cannabis (T40.71-) and synthetic cannabinoids (T40.72-).

See PartBNews original article for additional details including the FY 2022 ICD-10-CM Proposed Changes by Chapter. 

Need help on these updates or a refresher on coding and documentation for conditions most common in your specialty? Do you have managed care contracts that thrive on accurate diagnosis reporting? If so, don’t hesitate to reach out to RT Welter for help. We have subject matter experts that can provide education on these specific topics unique to your setting