Networking RemotelyNetworking remotely is a challenge faced by many as the pandemic has halted in-person events. While networking in person and virtually are similar in some aspects, networking remotely can make it more difficult to connect with someone as easily as you could in person. Continue reading below to learn more.

Professional networking can be a valuable skill set learned over years and is often equally valuable to the knowledge of your profession. The rules of online and remote networking are very different than those we use for in-person events.

Although sites like LinkedIn do allow us to maintain relationships it is not always a platform that supports quality new connections. So, what do you do when you work remotely or do not have access to in-person events? Doing a Google search for “professional networking remotely” leads to pages and pages of articles with tips for remote networking.

One that I found to be especially helpful was posted by Trello, a technology company that made its name by supplying teams a platform to collaborate and manage projects when you are not sitting next to each other. The tip that stood out the most was the need to be authentic. “Only connect with people you genuinely want to have a relationship with” cannot be understated.

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