AMA Released 2021 Updates for E&MThe AMA has released new updates for the 2021 Evaluation and Management guidelines. Stay up to date with the newest guidelines and AMA definition clarifications. RT Welter will also be hosting a webinar to review these changes with a link and sign-up available. Read more below to learn more. 

March 9,2021 – American Medical Association (AMA) released an update to the 2021 Evaluation and Management (E&M) guidelines with clarification of definitions within the previously released guidelines. These updates, although vast, appear to really focus in on the Data elements of our Medical Decision Making (MDM).

The updated guidelines list the following revisions.

  • Clarifying when reporting a test that is considered, but not selected after shared decision making.
  • Providing a definition of “Analyzed” for reporting tests in the data column.
  • Clarifying the definition of a “unique” test.
  • Clarifying what is meant by “discussion” between physicians, and other qualified health care professionals and patients.
  • Providing a definition of major vs minor surgery.

RT Welter will be hosting one more webinar to review these changes and provide examples of when these changes will be relevant to your practice.