You may have heard that is being sunset and we’ll no longer be using These sites have been replaced with a new secured provider portal at, a self-serve center that’ll support your network needs by offering claim search functionality, a complete client list, access to news and updates, and much more. Read the article below to find out more about this important change.

In just a few short weeks you’ll no longer be able to access at all. Already, you might’ve noticed that the site is no longer interactive, and we aren’t processing password resets or new registration requests. We’re very proud to offer you this streamlined, self-serve, single-portal that connects you to both First Health and Cofinity network resources.

Here’s a brief description features available on the First Health-Cofinity website:

Secure Login

The new secure login feature allows providers to access the First Health-Cofinity network portal on using their user ID and password. All providers will need to register as first-time users to access this feature.

Demographic and TIN Updates Registered providers can submit demographic and TIN updates right on the website.

Claim Activity Report

This feature will allow providers to run ad-hoc reports for claim(s) within a specified time frame.

Claim Search

The new provider claim search functionality allows registered providers to search for claims by TIN and DOS. Providers will also be able to submit claim appeals if they are questioning the pricing. Appeals will be sent to our customer service team for review.

Client List

Providers will be able to view an online list of all the clients (payers) contracted. Registered providers can even view details, like affiliations, address, and phone number for each client in the list.

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