RT Welter is excited to celebrate our 25th anniversary.  We couldn’t have done it without all of you! To celebrate this special occasion, please join us for a night of fun, cocktails and snacks on Wednesday, September 25th.  See below invitation for more information.

A message from Todd Welter, our CEO on the past 25 years at RT Welter:

Twenty-Five years ago, we started this company to help our clients succeed and thrive in a competitive marketplace which had constantly changing government rules and regulations.  Twenty-Five years later I am proud that we continue to fight this good fight.  We are a lot more sophisticated now than we were way back then. We have a lot more tools, services and capabilities; some I wouldn’t have even of dreamed of twenty-five years ago.  I am grateful and blessed to be surrounded by so many great and dedicated employees, colleagues, friends and especially clients who believe as we do:  Health care is about people and we should do everything we can to help them to be successful.

Our next twenty-five years will see unprecedented change.  (I remember buying a fax machine, the ones which used that curly heat sensitive paper and thinking we were all that!) The world of health care is turning itself upside down (again).  Compliance, cost, efficiency and effectiveness will be our challenge.  We are on pace and plan to develop even more sophisticated, interactive, and real-time tools to help our clients continue this good fight to be successful, profitable, and capable of supplying the best health care.

–          R. Todd Welter, CEO