Pinnacol recently announced that Nurse Practitioners could pursue DOWC accreditation to receive higher reimbursement. Also, Pinnacol announced the use of interpretation services to meet contract obligations and the Division of Workers Compensation requirements for injured workers. Read the article below to find out more about these two new regulations.

DOWC Accreditation for Nurse Practitioners

New Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation regulations that went into effect Aug. 2 impact nurse practitioners.

House Bill 1105 allows nurse practitioners to obtain DOWC Level I accreditation solely for the purpose of receiving the higher reimbursement associated with the designation. It does not allow them to declare maximum medical improvement for an injured worker, the key component of Level I accreditation.

Nurse practitioners may begin pursuing DOWC Level 1 accreditation now via an online course. The next in-person training session will be offered via DOWC in September in Denver, and registration is open.

Beginning on Aug. 2, Level 1 accredited nurse practitioners with prescriptive authority will be allowed to bill for 100 percent on the DOWC Medical Fee Schedule.


Workers’ Compensation Rules for NPs and PAs

Use of Interpretation Services

Effective Sept. 1, Pinnacol will implement procedures to meet contract obligations and the Division of Workers’ Compensation requirements for scheduling interpretation services for Pinnacol’s injured workers. These procedures comply with 2019 DOWC Rule 18-6(Q).

Pinnacol Assurance is committed to aligning all parties to provide uninterrupted, quality service for our non-English-speaking injured workers.

The following are the guidelines to ensure quality care.

  • Interpretation must be authorized for patients during office visits, diagnostics, injections, therapy and psychological services.
  • The treating provider will call Pinnacol for authorization for interpretation services.
  • Pinnacol will determine whether the requested provider is contracted with Pinnacol. If contracted, the request will be approved. If the vendor is not contracted,
  • Pinnacol claims reps will refer the requester to the list of approved, contracted providers.
  • Pinnacol may change the interpretation vendor at any time during the life of the claim — with or without cause — after notifying the current vendor and the primary care provider.

If issues arise in the process of assigning an interpreter or with the services provided by an interpreter, please contact the Pinnacol claims representative immediately.

Pinnacol does not intend to direct the type or duration of medical treatment that may be prescribed. Prescribing providers must exercise independent medical judgment in these matters.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Pinnacol Assurance at or 303.361.4945.

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Use of Interpretation Services
Pinnacol’s Contracted Interpretation and Translations Service Providers

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