CMS has proposed to reward physicians who consult electronically/by phone with other physicians in 2019. The agency also proposed starting to pay physicians to review photos that patients text/e-mail to them. Telehealth is now playing a new role for appropriating medical services and giving providers the helping hand to create connected care platforms!

Understand Medicare telehealth requirements—including coverage, coding, and documentation rules—and ensure your telehealth program and claims comply.

Bank on TCI’s all-new, end-to-end Telemedicine & Telehealth Handbook for Medical Practices 2018 to equip you to plan and implement your telehealth services, weigh the cost of care and technology, and master payment aspects, compliance, and other legal requirements.

Our experts take the guesswork out of best practices and government regulations, laying out in-depth information on Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement. Capitalize on insightful answers to readers’ questions. Get the inside scoop on coding, billing, compliance, and everything between to launch your telehealth services without a hitch.

Grow your patient population—and improve outcomes—with a vital telemedicine program:

    • Capitalize on new telemedicine options from CMS
    • Telehealth Medicare payment policy, with Part B fee-for-services guidance on originating sites, distant site practitioners, telehealth services, and billing and payment services
    • Master the new 2018 telemedicine codes
    • Nail down telemedicine terminology with comprehensive list of terms and definitions
    • Wield social marketing for telehealth
    • Measure telehealth patient outcomes
    • Get modifier updates and other expert documentation tips
    • Use this telemedicine primer to prep for coding opportunities
    • Capitalize on new telemedicine options from CMS
    • Ace coding for your E/M telemedicine services
    • Apply these telehealth indicators to recoup for your distance treatment services
    • Discover telemedicine interventions for chronic disease management
    • Navigate the ins and outs of telemedicine and telehealth
    • Nail down where telehealth services can take place
    • Tackle HIPAA and compliance issues for telemedicine and telehealth
    • Get to know the basics on telehealth reimbursement
    • Ace accurate coding for telemedicine and telehealth
    • Power up your claim submittals for services furnished via telehealth
    • Conquer inpatient telehealth consultations
    • Lock down appropriate licensure
    • Are you eligible for a geographic waiver?
    • Soar to success with telemedicine and telehealth at your facility
    • Gain tips for managing the rapidly changing telehealth technology
    • Make the grade with these consumer-centered telehealth design principles
    • And so much more!


BONUS features include a glossary of telemedicine and telehealth terminology, TOOLKIT for proposing new telehealth services to CMS, and easy look-up to find telehealth services and codes either alphabetically or by code number.


Information originally provided by TCI Handbooks.