Industry Hot Buttons — MACRA / MIPS Update

Industry Hot Buttons — Telehealth ServicesTelehealth Services: As of 2017, many payers are now legally required to reimburse providers of various specialties for telehealth services. Billing and Coding reimbursement rules for telemedicine can be extremely cumbersome. Follow these compliance tips and the financial impact for your practice can be significant:

  • Clinical documentation must support the following: the provider is rendering services to a patient via telehealth (not face-to-face) using interactive audio and video telecommunications software that permits real-time communication between the provider, the distant site, and the beneficiary.
  • The “GT” modifier should be appended to all services provided via telehealth.
  • Place of service code for telehealth services is 2 – The location where health services and health-related services are provided or received, through a telecommunication system.
  • Originating site criteria is met.