RT Welter & Associates Proudly Launches New Website!RT Welter & Associates is pleased to announce that our brand new website is launched and LIVE!! 

That’s right, you can head over to RTWelter.com right now to explore our new, and polished website! This is a massive step forward for RT Welter. A huge amount of work has been put into this launch, and we are thrilled to share the results.

Moving to this new website means we now have easier navigation and access to new features, plugins, a new format for coding information, and everything in between. We have published a plethora of resources outlining our capabilities and services relating to credentialing, recruiting, interim management, and medical billing and coding.

We offer personalized accounting services designed to help you identify opportunities for increased profitability and growth. Our recruitment team is ready to find the perfect, qualified personnel at a lower cost. RT Welter practice management consultants can immediately step in to maintain day to day operations, provide experienced leadership and keep the current processes and systems in place during the transitional period. Our complete coding services can help you navigate through the complicated coding maze to maximize your revenue and stay current with the constantly changing coding rules and guidelines.

For your convenience, you will find a revamped newsletter featuring:

Week 1 – Industry Hot Buttons!

  • RT Welter is excited to provide insight and guidance on complex and obscure topics in healthcare. Including the OIG work plan, Modifier 25, Incident To, HCC, etc.

Week 2 – Surgery Coding Series!

Week 3 – Code Spotlight!

  • RT Welter will pick a unique CPT or ICD-10 code to profile for that week and discuss practice applications of the code as well as pertinent guideline reminders.

Week 4 – Professional Development Tidbit!

  • RT Welter will share helpful career advancing tips and strategies to sharpen the skills prospective employers look for in a coder!

AMRSCO.com Is Officially Live!

AMRSCOOn top of this, we also launched the new AMRS website! AMRS is a team of advanced medical billing specialists offering comprehensive revenue cycle management services. They pride themselves in accurate and effective coding, billing, and collecting in order to boost company profitability. Boasting over 50 years of coding and billing experience, AMRS already knows how to bill and—above all—fight for due payments in a timely fashion! AMRS’ medical billing services increase current revenue by 10% or more, with our team of experts working hard to increase cash flow and prevent volatile ups and downs.