Cash Flow Is Not Just Important, It's EverythingCash flow is often the difference between keeping a private practice private and looking for an alternative situation that may not be quite as palatable to the doctors.

To us, Cash Flow is not just important… it is EVERYTHING. The staff and management of AMRS work very hard to generate regular, predictable cash flow including working with the practice staff to get the right information at the right time to the payers so they will be able to pay the claim quickly. Clean claims are the goal and we will do what is necessary to get a clean claim to the payer quick! Working with your staff to explain, coach and even prod to get the right information out the door fast. Billing is easy! Getting the right information to the right place is hard for some practices (maybe they have training issues or a lot of staff turnover or a thin labor pool), it is something we pride ourselves in.

Q: You make it sound so easy, why do so may have problems with cash flow?  

A: It is often attention to detail and a training issue. Staff turnover causes disruption and “brain drain.” The Revenue Cycle requires constant attention, like riding a bike. It is easy but it has to be done right and constantly for the results to be good. Think of all the muscles, tendons, bones, joints and nerves working together to ride a bike, balance, eye sight, awareness and anticipation. Seems so easy when it is going well. When you have a broken leg or have lost your balance it then becomes incredibly difficult. Just one component not working well with all the others will make you crash your bike or crash your cash flow!

Q: Everyone wants to be paid, why is Cash Flow itself so important?

A: Cash Flow is everything in a service business. Cash Flow is the life blood of every service business. There are salaries and rent to pay whether one patient is seen or one hundred. The constant and predictable flow of reimbursement is critical.

Q: Doctors (and other medical professionals) work as hard now as they always have (in some cases more so) but taking home less money. How can AMRS make a difference?

A: Fee-for-service revenue, for procedures (what used to be the big ticket items), is under constant downward pressure. Some services are paid more and a lot are constantly being paid less. A good billing service understands this and works to help their customers to also understand it. At AMRS we not only bill and collect, we analyze billings and collections to help the providers maximize their revenue where ever possible. We are ready and able to work with and help our clients with other reimbursement methods. We are not only knowledgeable, we are excited to work with Capitation, Bundled payments, Risk adjusting and others.